Best power lunch (2000)

Bistro Adde Brewster

If you're on a power trip, chances are you've found your way to Bistro Adde Brewster. But be warned: You'd better plan on doing your business in person, because if that cell phone rings, owner Adde Bjorklund may take it away from you. ("Behave and you'll get it back at the end of lunch," he often admonishes.) Apparently the in crowd likes to be spanked, because lunch at this Cherry Creek institution often looks like a crowd scene from Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Folks from all walks of affluent life gather to check out each other's dining companions, outfits and expense accounts. And the food coming out of the kitchen is just right for this trendy but tough crowd: no sissy salads or ladies' lunch petit fours here. Instead, the lettuce comes topped with soy-seared tuna or grilled chicken, and entrees like calf's liver or Wiener schnitzel will put hair on your chest. But since big deals will be going down while you're deep in your tuna tartar, remember to talk softly and carry your big shtick in your pocket -- or Bjorklund will take that away from you, too.

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