Best reason to go to the john (2000)

Bruno's Italian Bistro

At Bruno's, we rarely take our eyes off the plates filled with marvelous, reasonably priced Italian food. But then one day we ventured into the men's room, and there on the walls were some of the sexiest shots of Sophia Loren ever taken -- old Saturday Evening Post covers and Life magazine photos -- all poses that invite men to hang out in the facilities for a while, if you know what we mean. Mama mia! Owner Tom Mirabito's mother-in-law knew of his obsession with Loren, and when she found this collection at a flea market, she snatched it up, in the process giving Bruno's the best-dressed men's room in town. So far, though, the ladies haven't gotten equal time. "We've been talking over the past three years about who to put in there," says Mirabito. "Some of the younger ones want Leonardo DiCaprio, but the older ones like Dean Martin. Maybe Marcello Mastroianni?" Meanwhile, hostess Janet Heritage has been using the space to show her artwork, a collection of watercolors and wax-and-caustic pieces that hang on the walls -- and in the stalls. "I've actually sold a few," Heritage says. "I guess we have kind of a captive audience in there."


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