Best restaurant when you're on the doughnut diet (2000)

Chuck's Do-Nuts

What goes round comes round. "Quality Donuts Since 1948," the sign promises, and Chuck's Do-Nuts delivers. Each and every day, Chuck's bakers cook up two dozen kinds of doughnuts, and then charismatic owner Dan Imo presides over the day's purchases. He gets a little help from his peanut gallery of regulars who perch at the low counter and drink coffee -- the regular kind, of course, not some newfangled flavored swill. Since the day the storefront opened over fifty years ago, Chuck's most popular doughnut has been the raised glazed, and with good reason: It's raised high and light, with a soft, spongy texture and little pockets of air for fluffiness, and it's glazed with a sugar mixture done right. But that doughnut only scratches the surface of Chuck's delights. The glazed chocolate cake doughnut is like a breakfast brownie; the custard-filled Bismarck tastes like a Boston cream pie; and the chocolate icing on the plain cake is better than some of them fancy French ganaches. Doughnuts may be all the rage these days, but Chuck's proves that with age comes wisdom -- and the best doughnuts in town.


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