Best roast chicken (2000)

Mountain View Cafe

The Mountain View Cafe may look like an unlikely spot -- it's a bright-white, houselike structure tucked into a yard filled with statuary and lush foliage -- but its roast chicken is downright unbelievable. This bird is big, both in taste and portion. For $6.95, you get soup or salad (if you're a fan of feta, go with the Greek), massive sides of mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables, and half a chicken that's almost as big as a standard fowl, flecked with fresh herbs and redolent of lemon juice, with a crispy, salty skin holding in firm, moist meat. But good as this is, Mountain View also does right by other Greek, Mexican and American offerings, delivering huge portions for small prices -- with a nice view of the Front Range thrown in for free.


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