Best Tuesday-night special (2000)

The Fourth Story

Since good food goes great with fine wine, how do you think it might go with a fine car? The Fourth Story gives folks an enticement to dine upscale with its "Tuesday Night Taste Drive." In order to get in gear, all you have to do is book a table, throw away the menu, describe how much you'd like to spend in automobile terms, and let the kitchen invent something for you -- from a workman-like Volkswagen (maybe a duck spring-roll appetizer and an elaborate pasta, both paired with the appropriate wines, for 25 bucks a head?) to a seven-course Rolls (oysters, Argentinean ribeye steaks with roasted tomatillo sauce, caramelized peach tarts and whatever). This is the town's best meal on wheels, fun for the staff and fun for you. Honk if you love to eat.


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