Best shop at DIA (2000)

U.S. Post Office, Rocky Mountain Station

Don't lose the phone number, because it's easier to find hard drives loaded with Los Alamos's nuclear secrets than it is to get a direct line to Rocky Mountain Station, the post office on the sixth floor of the main terminal at Denver International Airport. The irony is, once you find this unbelievably clean spot, you'll be enveloped by some of the most amiable staffers imaginable, eager to select just the right stamps for those postcards you forgot to mail from Tahiti, or suggest the right service to get your overdue credit-card payment in before you're cut off, or help you pick out an attractive USPS retail item that will fool your kid into thinking you picked it up in Vegas. Open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day but Sunday (with stamp machines that do their thing 24-7), this place is particularly handy for those who believe the best way to guarantee air safety is to wear clean underwear and make sure all bills are paid before a flight takes off. It certainly gets our seal of approval.

Readers' choice: Body Shop

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