Best wedding photographer (2000)

Moses Street

Choosing a wedding photographer is probably the most important decision a bride and groom will make. Even if the food is terrible or old Aunt Betty slips and falls into the cake, nothing's a bigger disaster than bad pictures --after all, long after old Aunt Betty's gone, you'll still be looking at your wedding photos. Moses Street knows this. Not only is he masterful with a camera -- he's been photographing weddings for more than 25 years -- but he teaches his subjects how to look good in pictures. Prior to the big event, he takes couples on a pre-wedding shoot in Rocky Mountain National Park to practice (he's based in Estes Park, but he does weddings all over the state). He captures the bride and groom from all angles on a digital camera and then lets them review the results to determine their best side and their worst smile. He also asks couples to bring some of their own photographs so he knows what they like and don't like. His specialties are artistic portraits and fun shots, although he'll do traditional lineups, too.

The wedding package starts at $3,200, which includes the engagement shoot (you pay extra for the photos themselves). It's a little steep, but not bad when you consider how much time he spends with a couple. And his theories on photography (which can take hours to explain) and just about anything else under the sun are thrown in for free. Don't forget to ask him who he thinks killed JFK.

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