Best goodwill ambassador -- at home (2000)

John Hickenlooper

He's everywhere! He's everywhere! When Bill Gates came to town, who sat up front, looking more Microsofty than Gates himself? John Hickenlooper. When it's time to pick a new architect for the Denver Art Museum, who will be putting his Beatlemania-coiffed head next to that of First Lady Wilma Webb? John Hickenlooper. Ever since the self-professed recovering geologist got involved with Denver's first brewpub -- the now venerable Wynkoop Brewing Company -- he's been a landmark on our local scene, albeit a rather peripatetic one. And with his latest crusade, Hickenlooper's really standing tall: The Wynkoop is now serving as headquarters for the campaign to save the Mile High Stadium name, a fight armed not just with sentiment, but hard economic facts. Cheers!

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