Best local TV commercial (2000)

Colorado Lottery

The Colorado Lottery didn't think it was taking a gamble when it hired noted local advertising firm Karsh & Hagan Communications to produce its TV ads, and at first the decision paid off. Karsh & Hagan created some excellent and very funny ads, including the "Stranger Things Have Happened" series. In one of those ads, the company used the story of a San Francisco police officer who walked his beat carrying a wooden puppet dressed as a cop. Although his department tried to make him stop, the officer, Bob Geary, went to the media and was allowed to continue carrying Brendan O'Smarty (the dummy) with him. The Colorado Lottery's luck ran out, however, when Geary sued, claiming the agency had used his likeness without his permission (the case was transferred from San Francisco to Denver in April). In the suit, Geary also claims that the Colorado Lottery used him in order to entice children to gamble. Better luck next time.

Readers' choice: Rocky's Auto

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