Best print reporter vs. print reporter feud, first place (2000)

Mike Klis vs. Tracy Ringolsby

Mike Klis and Tracy Ringolsby, baseball writers for the Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News, respectively, have been on the outs since last summer, when Ringolsby knocked a Klis article about the impending departure of Rockies general manager Bob Gebhard not once, but twice during appearances on 950-AM/The Fan. But the situation boiled over in late May, when Ringolsby told Klis, who was engaged in a heated conversation with the News's Clay Latimer in the Coors Field press box, to "get the fuck out of here." Klis responded by jumping on Ringolsby from behind and punching him in the head. No charges were filed, but relations between the two remain as icy as a snowcone in Antarctica. Brrrrr.

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