Best parking-lot attendant (2000)

Rose Peterson, 15th and Delgany streets

Rose Peterson makes sitting in a glass booth all day seem like the best job in the world. Though her customers come fresh -- or, more accurately, soured -- from their morning commutes, Rose, who's been working Central Parking Systems' lot at 15th and Delgany streets for the last year and a half (after stints at the McNichols Arena and Mile High Stadium lots), remains remarkably cheery and helpful. Her work ethic is age-old: "If you treat people the way you want to be treated, it'll come back to you, so I treat 'em the way I want to be treated." Learning not to take things personally helps, too. "I would tell anyone who wanted to do my job to remember that people aren't mad at you; they're mad at things that happened before they got to you." And, she reminds her crankier clients, "I'm doing my job. It's not me personally upping charges and things like that."


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