Best place to worship your cat (2000)

The Cat Hospital of Wheat Ridge

Talk about false idols. This six-foot cement statue of a calico cat playing with a giant ball of pink yarn outside the Cat Hospital of Wheat Ridge will remind cat owners just who's the boss. Then again, from the expression on this cat's face, she looks like she just got her shots. Dr. Douglas Ikeler, who owns five cat hospitals in the metro area, "likes to make little landmarks to stop traffic," says a worker at the Cat Hospital of Denver, which has a five-foot walking cat out front made of rebar and covered with ivy. The other cat hospitals -- Southeast, Northglenn and Paramount West -- all have giant neon-pink Cheshire cats crouched on top of freestanding signs in out front. They'll get your attention, and why not? After all, cats are people, too.


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