According to Don Rose, "The reason people sweat is so they don't catch fire when they make love." Now, who could find something more romantic than Don's great explanation for perspiration? Rose's poetic wisdom is just one factor that helps reach the pinnacle of romance. Deborah Wiig, a Web zine publisher and freelance editor, launched the site on Valentine's Day this year to offer resources for Colorado couples in search of relationship and romance tips. It offers a local guide for everything from entertainment to articles on such issues as divorce-proofing your marriage. The "Great Dates" section suggests creative ways to spend time with one another, like taking a walking tour of Denver or staying at home and baking cookies. The "It's About Love" section allows visitors to download romantic screen savers and magnetic poetry. There are book reviews, relationship quizzes, an advice column and romantic Colorado getaways. Everything you need for romance in the Rockies. Now there are no more excuses for a dull relationship.


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