Best birdwatching -- west (2000)

Chatfield State Park

There are plenty of lakes and wetlands around the metro area where you can watch birds, but Chatfield State Park is still the biggest, best place to see the most varied array of feathered friends. Watchers have recorded more than 300 kinds of birds there, from migrating loons, hawks and warblers to rare tanagers and thrashers to the permanent residents like house finches and red-winged blackbirds. "People get real excited about some of these," says Ann Bonnell, a volunteer with the Audubon Society of Greater Denver, adding that Chatfield has "real diversity because it's on a migratory crossroads." And now that the Audubon Society has moved into temporary digs there (before it moves into a more permanent facility later), the baffled birdwatcher can sign up for a walking tour or a class to learn the difference between a sparrow and a swallow.


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