Best dinosaur (2000)

Cedarosaurus weiskopfae -- Weiskopf's Cedar-reptile

You don't bump into a sauropod every day, which makes this monster discovery, made by Denver Museum of Natural History volunteer Billy Kinneer during a 1997 museum-led excavation in the Cedar Mountain Formation near Arches National Monument in Utah, all the more extraordinary. Though the remains sadly lacked a skull, Kinneer found enough bones to establish the 120-million-year-old skeleton as that of a previously undiscovered species with a giraffe-like stature, who apparently palled around the prehistoric canyonlands with such fetching playmates as Utahraptor and Gastonia. Written up officially earlier this year in a French journal, the suspected leaf-eater was named in tribute to late museum volunteer Carol Weiskopf.


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