Best flying pumpkins (2000)

Denver Urban Garden's Jack-O-Launch Contest

We've all got a contrary little guy sitting on our brains, telling us to do things we know we shouldn't. But most of us have the willpower to keep him in check. Well, this was one event where folks could just let it all go: When their little guys saw a big, round pumpkin and wanted to smash it to smithereens, the ten teams participating last fall -- including the green-wigged youth division winners the Punkcelerators and recreation division winners It's a Bird, It's Plane, It's a...Splat! -- created catapults and let 'em fly, all for the benefit of Denver Urban Gardens and the DeLaney Urban Farm. And guess what? Next fall's gourds, though barely out of the ground, are already quaking in their vines: Heave-ho-ho! You can always say the devil made you do it.


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