Best gift for the sports fan/architect (2000)

Blueprints of the new Denver Broncos stadium

Who cares about what's in a name. What really matters is what's inside. Which is why the blueprints for the Denver Broncos' new, still-under-construction stadium make the perfect, if slightly pricey, gift. But then, who's counting? Certainly not the Metro Football Stadium District, which is selling two kinds of numbered, limited-edition blueprints. The larger framed version (32 inches by 42 inches) shows the stadium's south and west sides and includes a conceptual color photo of the stadium at night, for only $299.95. The smaller framed version (17 inches by 21 inches) shows the same things, along with a color photo of the actual stadium model, for $199.95. Proceeds go toward the MFSD's public art and education programs. Oh, and the right to name the stadium is still for sale as well. It'll cost you a little more, though.


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