Best local jock quote (2000)

Bubby Brister: "Back in the day..."

What tribulations hath the post-Elway era wrought? Unceremoniously demoted in the 1999 pre-season by coach Mike Shanahan, former Bronco starting quarterback Bubby Brister fussed and fumed, then considered his options, then decided to stay on as young Brian Griese's backup out of loyalty to his teammates. But the fiery Louisianan's animus for Shanahan was evident: Said Bubby: "When I had a level head and thought about it, I said I can't walk out on [Bill Romanowski], [Ed] McCaffrey and Brian. But I know if it was a one-on-one card game and Mike dealt me that hand, I would probably do like they did back in the day." Fortunately for all concerned, Brister kept his Colt in the holster.


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