Best swimming pool (2000)

Wheat Ridge Recreational Center

Recent breakthroughs in swimming-pool technologies almost dictate that the best swimming pool be the newest. Standing at the recently opened Wheat Ridge Community Center pool, surrounded by so much aquatic flash and dazzle, it's hard to imagine what people did in the six-lane cement ponds of yesteryear. But this is a fitness center, and quite a workout can be had by running from one aquatic attraction to the next. First hit the inner tubes by the lazy river for some paddling exercises, then try a cool-down on the water-fountain spray features, followed by a brisk wallowing in the baby pool and a series of reps in the Jacuzzi. And just off the interior sunbathing courtyard, a curious six-lane cement pond has been built where old-timers and history buffs can try their hands at "swimming."


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