Best Fried Chicken (2001)

Smacks Cafe

Smacks Cafe is a very small eatery that sits in a strip mall and looks like the sandwich shop it used to be. In short, you'd never expect the place to fry up the best chicken this side of the Mississippi, but that's exactly what Smacks does. Deep-fried to order, the fried chicken can take anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes, depending on how busy this rib joint is -- but it's always worth the wait. Each piece (a half-bird's worth to an order) has been lightly salted, barely dusted with flour and then fried until the skin turns into a crisp shell barely holding in all the juicy, salty, lightly greasy flesh beneath. Add a side of homemade cornbread, macaroni blanketed with freshly grated cheese, and Smacks' down-home collard and mustard greens, as well as a slice of white cake, and your mouth's gone south for the winter.


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