Best Green Chile (2001)

Wild Willy's Capsicum Cantina

Go south, young man, for the wildest, woolliest green chile in the West. Bill "Wild Willy" Miller has parlayed his extensive line of commercial salsas and chiles into Wild Willy's Capsicum Cantina, a colorful little eatery that puts his products to a real taste test. The menu is short and spicy: just a few wraps, a couple of tacos, chips and salsa and some sides. The important thing to know is that any of these dishes can be smothered in Wild Willy's chiles, which include a sirloin-primed red and an unusual green, in which chicken and white beans add flavor and texture. But we really go hog-wild over the chile verde con puerco, a classic New Mexico-style green that's packed with pork loin and kickass chiles. This is one hot green, with enough chile punch to knock you out of yer boots. Yee-haw!


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