Best New American Restaurant (2001)

Mel's Bar and Grill

Call it New American, call it contemporary, call it fusion. Whatever you choose to call it, the food at Mel's Bar and Grill is undeniably delicious. Owners Mel and Janey Masters juggle international ingredients with domestic tastes, and somehow their dishes all work. Looking for an upscale meatloaf? Try the buffalo. Looking for an Asian fish dish? Try the seared ahi with soba noodles. And if you're looking for anything from around the Mediterranean, Mel's your man, offering everything from rabbit risotto and grilled eggplant polenta to fennel sausage tagliatelle and grilled lamb. Pair your meal with wines that make sense -- check out the ever-changing "Mel's Special Wine Picks" for the real bargains -- and relax in the quirky but comfy atmosphere of this Cherry Creek institution (the happenin' bar area is also an option). Still don't know what to call it? Doesn't matter. Eat at Mel's.


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