Best Outdoor Patio -- Urban (2001)

Highlands Garden Cafe

Martha Stewart, eat your heart out. The Highlands Garden Cafe is not only a wonder of a restaurant, but its garden comes close to heaven on earth. When owners Pat and Chuck Perry expanded their eatery into the Victorian house next door, they added to their outside patio as well as their inside dining area. And when Pat wasn't in the kitchen (Chuck runs the front of the house), she was out in the yard, filling the exterior space with as many flowers and plants as it would hold. The result is miraculous: a calming, serene setting that looks like something out of a frou-frou gardening magazine and serves as the perfect place to truly enjoy the fruits of Pat's labors. Soak up the scented air while gazing at wildflowers and tasting the fresh herbs in the seasonally influenced fare before you. Pat's talents with food are as impressive as her way with plants; what she does with animals such as salmon and chicken, all awash in delectable cream sauces, will give you glimpses of a whole new luxurious way of eating. What a way to grow!


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