Best Power Breakfast (2001)

Rialto Cafe

At night, the Rialto Cafe is one of the snazziest restaurants around, offering both live jazz and some of the most decadent desserts imaginable. But in the morning, starting at an eye-popping 5:30 a.m., the Rialto gets down to business -- serious business. This discreet, dimly lit space is just the place for the solo salesman to get his thoughts together for that big meeting, or for local power-mongers to lay out their plans for taking over the world -- or at least that block out by Lowry. The Rialto's kitchen does its bit by serving up serious power food: omelettes made from smoked salmon; roasted-red-pepper cream cheese and artichoke hearts; chorizo-stuffed breakfast burritos; and, for the heavy-hitters going light, fresh juice and homemade pastries.


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