Best Resurrection of a Restaurant (2001)


When owners Cissy Yin and Jeff and Chris Oakley closed the original Bang! last fall, their faithful customers hardly knew what to do with themselves. Fortunately, the popular Highland eatery reopened less than a month later in a space across the street, this time with a liquor license, table service and a bit more space. Now serving dinner only, the charming eatery -- yeah, it's a little strange going down the alley and in through the back door, but you'll get used to it -- has expanded its menu to offer even more wonderful down-home cooking. The spicy peppered shrimp with mango habanero salsa is a must, but so is the celebrated meatloaf; the wine list is short but sweet (and well-priced). All in all, Bang! is one of Denver's best -- by a long shot.

Location Details

3472 W. 32nd Ave.
Denver CO 80211


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