Best Smothered Fries (2001)

Chubby Burger Drive-In

There are many theories as to how it happened, but the most popular one goes like this: A while back, a cook was standing behind the counter at the Chubby Burger Drive-In enjoying his favorite snack -- a plate of French fries (a hangover menu item from the previous owner) drowned in cheddar cheese and green chile (a speciality of the new owner) -- when a few customers asked what he was eating. "Smothered fries," he replied. The customers ordered a plate, wolfed down the fries, and later returned for more. Word spread, one thing led to another, and smothered fries became the hottest-selling item on a roster of of hot-selling items. Now practically everything at this 33-year-old, family-owned burrito stand comes drowned in green chile and cheese. There have been many imitators, but there is only one original plate of smothered fries. And there's only one place to find it: the original Chubby Burger.


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