Coney Island is known for its thrills, and its most thrilling accomplishment may have been the invention of frozen custard back in 1919, a confection that later reached its peak popularity in the Midwest. Neighbors Cathy Haug and Joy Gunderson so missed the frozen custard of their youth that they decided to open CJ's Frozen Custard, in the process giving all of Denver a sweet treat. The main difference between frozen custard and regular ice cream is the butterfat content (10 percent for custard, as opposed to ice cream's 35 to 50 percent) and the amount of air (up to 90 percent less in custard). That makes for a creamy, creamy texture and a rich eggy quality; since the confection is only frozen to 23 degrees, it's also softer eating. Compared to this frozen custard, that stuff spouting off at Dairy Queen might as well be chilled milk. CJ's offers chocolate and vanilla every day, along with a third flavor that rotates (the root beer float is weird and wonderful). Cool!

Location Details

9231 E. Lincoln Ave.
Littleton CO 80124


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