The crust on Parisi's pizza isn't the thick, thick Sicilian-style, but it's not crackly-thin, either. Let's split the difference and agree that this crust is simply delicious, thick enough to hold a ton of toppings, but not so thick that you're done for after a single slice. Simone Parisi, a native of Florence, Italy, and his wife, Christine, a native of Boulder, Colorado, always wanted to open an authentic pizzeria in Denver, and that's exactly what they did a few years ago. Since then, they've gained plenty of fans, and with good reason. Their pizzas are divided by theme, such as rustica and vegetariana, and come loaded with fresh and imported ingredients, including Simone's own house-smoked scamorze cheese. And even after all the toppings are gone, along with the pie's chewy center, the oven-charred, crispy edge of the crust makes for great post-pizza snacking.

Location Details

4401 Tennyson St.
Denver CO 80212


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