Best Vegetarian Restaurant (2001)


Admittedly, Sunflower isn't totally vegetarian: This sunny Boulder eatery does offer free-range poultry, wild game and fresh seafood. But the many dishes that it bills as vegetarian are indeed animal-free (they can come with raw-milk cheeses, but that's optional) and absolutely delish. Start with a tofu-filled nori roll, fried in a tempura batter and served with a soy-sake dipping sauce, or the pesto-stuffed portobello, oven-roasted until the 'shroom turns soft and steamy and infused with garlic. Then move on to a bamboo steamer filled with organic vegetables, udon noodles and marinated tofu, or a Szechuan stir-fry of Asian veggies tossed in sesame oil and pepper sauce. The organic basmati rice is orgasmic, and no animals were hurt in the production of the oh-so-moist vegan cranberry-orange walnut cake. The bloom is on this one.


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