Best Wine List (2001)

The Fourth Story Restaurant & Bar

We were looking for a well-rounded roster of wines, one with enough offered by the glass to give us plenty of sampling opportunities; with some international favorites mixed with a rarity here and there; with reasonable prices that could stretch from a casual meal to a big splurge; with a choice of a few bubblies; with some interesting domestics; and, oh, yes, maybe with some "other fun stuff." Simple, really -- as long as you're looking at the wine list at the Fourth Story Restaurant & Bar. This classy, book-filled restaurant atop the Tattered Cover has something for everyone, in every price range: low-priced Germans, mid-range Oregon pinot noirs, upscale Rhones, Merlots to fit every budget, big-legged Italians and a few Spanish and Australian options. The by-the-glass list runs the red-and-white gamut, and the sparkling section features selections from all over the map. There's even "other fun stuff," too, listed under just that title and starring such oddities as Chenin Blanc and Semillon. Salut!


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