Best Spiritual Drugstore and Hex Removal (2001)

Botánica y Yerbería Caridad del Cobre

Need dried bat wings, voodoo dolls, herbal teas or just to have a simple hex removed? Botánica y Yerbería Caridad del Cobre has thousands of lotions, potions, tonics, candles and talismans that can cure almost whatever ails you. Proprietor Martín Ramirez is a semi-retired curandero who has helped cure everything from hemorrhoids to hangovers to broken hearts. Since he opened the botánica in 1989, his shop has become the Wal-Mart of the spiritual fringe, specializing in exotic items used in Santería, voodoo, wicca and curanderismo. There are other botánicas in Denver, including one owned by his sister, but Martín's is by far the biggest and most diverse. "We're a spiritual drugstore, is what it comes down to," he says. "If you believe in this stuff, sooner or later you're going to end up here."


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