Best Way to Celebrate the New Baby (2001)

Rose Medical Center's gourmet meal

Few moments in life are as treasured as those following the birth of a child. Mom and Dad stare at their little creation with tears in their eyes and smiles on their faces. What better way to complement that time than with an undercooked burger, a leftover energy bar or a tiny cup of hospital-issued juice. Yeah, right. The people in Rose Medical Center's family birth center (maternity ward) know that labor isn't easy, so they offer new parents a way to treat themselves right after the production is over: a gourmet lunch or dinner prepared by a real chef. Your meal (filet mignon, baby carrots, wild rice and cheesecake is one of several options) will be wheeled into your room on a tablecloth-covered table. To top it off, you can also order a bottle of bubbly -- a half-bottle, actually; this is the maternity ward, after all -- to toast your little bundle. After labored days and sleepless nights, the $20-per-person cost is definitely worth it. Here's looking at you, kid.


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