Best Place to Watch Brown Palace Guests in Their Skivvies (2001)

The Trinity Building

Although employees of Burks Communications, a PR firm on the fourth floor of the Trinity Building, would just as soon the Brown Palace across the street tint its windows, they've had some fun over the years watching naked patrons of the chichi hotel get in and out of their unmentionables. "Butts at the Brown," says company president and CEO Susan Burks. "That's what I call it. We have the best view of butts. I think the men enjoy doing it the most. They keep those blinds open. I know they see us looking -- they can't miss us. But some of those men's bodies, I tell you..." Burks even calls her co-workers into the office for especially noteworthy rears. "I say, 'Come look, here's another one.'" Does she wish the Brown's male patrons would close their blinds? "In some cases," she says. "Not all."

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