Best Political Crime-Stoppers Textbook (2001)

Bighorn Center for Public Policy

If power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely -- what about absolute power with big bucks behind it? Gee, that's a question for Lt. Fineprint, Disclosure Detective, who stars in the "Knowledge Is Power" comic book released last

election season by the Bighorn Center for Public Policy. "When you're proud of something," the think tank points out, "you put your name on it." Rutt Bridges certainly does: He makes no secret of the fact that he funds the new, Denver-based think tank. But the political operatives behind much of the dirty-tricks campaigning last fall weren't nearly as forthcoming; they took advantage of Colorado's "educational" committee loophole to launch anonymous attacks on certain candidates. "These are all created by people or organizations who want to influence the outcome of the election without telling you exactly who they are," Lt. Fineprint notes.

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