Best Retail Block Revitalization (2001)

West City Perk/Deli/Loganberry's

Good things come in small packages. For a real taste of Denver's changing scene, visit a tiny enclave just north of St. Joseph's Hospital. Spearheaded by West City Perk, a combination coffee joint and garage-sale-cum-antique-boutique, this row of shops is still home to less trendy businesses as well, including an old-fashioned barber shop where the neighborhood folks continue to get haircuts and trade tales. But West City Perk, its newly opened adjunct deli and its compatible tenant to the west, a garden-themed shabby-chic nook called Loganberry's, give the block an updated look -- albeit a lived-in one that's not too ritzy or glitzy for the surrounding neighborhood. Stop and shop.


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