Best Av (2001)

Joe Sakic

Scholars have been debating the strength of various dynasties since King Tut lined up his Egyptians for a scrimmage against other chariot riders. Contemporary Denver is no different, and one of the best debates involves the MVP of the Avs. Forsberg? Roy? Borque? At age 31, Avalanche captain and perennial All-Star Joe Sakic just goes on and on. This year, his thirteenth in the NHL, the future Hall of Famer ranks at or near the top of the league in every offensive category -- goal scoring, assists, game-winning goals and shots. Along with his prowess on the ice, his leadership in the locker room is immeasurable. If the best team in the NHL is to win its second Stanley Cup this year, its left-handed gun and spiritual centerpiece will be at the heart of the action.


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