Best Bike Club (2001)

Team Evergreen

There are plenty of bike clubs, but several factors separate Team Evergreen from other velocipedal gatherings. Start with location: Most of the training rides -- usually every Sunday -- wind through (and up and down and up and down) the foothills west of Denver, some of the most scenic and challenging pavement around. The rides are progressive, too, starting with easier pedals in the spring and becoming increasingly more difficult. This is because the program is largely geared toward preparation for Team Evergreen's big shindig, the Triple Bypass, a one-day, 120-mile, three-mountain-pass, 10,000-foot-of-elevation-gain bit of a hell ride from Evergreen to Avon (this year scheduled for July 14). Organized rides continue into October. While some members are serious bikers (loud, silly-looking shirts, goofy sunglasses, shaved legs), many are just out for a good time. Best of all, the club strives to buff the image of all bikers by putting its money where its wheels are. Last year it donated $20,000 to various causes. Explains TE president David Nelson, "We're trying to reach out to the community to let them know the cyclist they're about to pass is a decent person."


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