Best Fishing Hole (2001)

Cheesman Canyon

We may live in one of the most populated areas between Chicago and L.A., but we can still cut out of work a couple hours early and hit one of the best trout-fishing streams in the country. Take Santa Fe Boulevard south to Sedalia, go west on Route 67 over the Rampart Range to the South Platte, and head upstream past Deckers to the Cheesman Canyon parking area. As is the case with any outdoor activity close to a city, the number of other people drops off exponentially as you walk farther from your car. Hike toward the dam for about half an hour (there's a parking area at the dam, so don't go too far) for some of the best rainbow- and brown-trout fishing you'll see anywhere. Beadhead Pheasant Tails, RSIIs and Black Beauties should all work fine.


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