Best Gymnastics for Tots (2001)

Gymnastics Plus

Under the watchful direction of coaches Tim Frye and Cheri Steffes, Gymnastics Plus offers a full array of instruction for all levels of Olympic wannabes. They also believe in starting 'em young, whether it's just for fun or in anticipation of a future in the gymnastics spotlight. Beginning with a parent-tot program for kids ages eighteen months to three years, tiny tumblers at GP learn to limber up on mats, trampolines and tiny balance beams, running through child-friendly routines with help from an adult, and using equipment both in the main gym facility and in the specially sized Little Gym. Those showing an affinity can forge ahead to more advanced preschool programs as they grow more independent, but no matter what the level, the little gymnasts leave each week with a good workout, rosy cheeks and a feeling of accomplishment.


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