Best Place to Do It in the Moonlight (2001)

Dream Canyon

Not everything takes place under the sun. Sometimes the moon produces strange effects. There's a narrow gorge near Boulder County's Sugarloaf mountain that's a favorite place for gay men to sunbathe or moonbathe in the nude, skinny dip in the streams and have sex along with the birds and the bees. But, hey, what's good for the goose and the goose is also good for the goose and the gander...or the gander and the gander...or, well, whatever. With its relatively remote location, beautiful scenery and plethora of trees, cliffs and trails, Dream Canyon is a good place for anyone who wants to do the wild thing in the wild, day or night. Just watch out for sheriff's deputies. Angry neighbors have asked the law to spend more time collaring frisky individuals as well as frisking collared individuals.


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