Best Rockies Parking (2001)

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

Tired of paying more for LoDo parking than you did for Rockies tickets? Pull into the fifty-space lot tucked into the intersection of 22nd and Stout streets, and you'll feel a little more energized. A mere six blocks from Coors Field and only $3, it's loads cheaper than many of the spots located a few blocks closer, and the money goes to a good cause: the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, which owns the lot. As part of a program called Stout Street Works!, which encourages the homeless to work for money, self-esteem and a sense of community, the lot is staffed during night and weekend games by two or three workers, who are later paid with the money they collect. "It worked out so well, and the people who worked it were so happy with it," says coalition boardmember Eileen Pappas. "It was easy and outdoors, and they felt like they were a part of something fun."


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