Best Way to See the Aspen Turn -- on Horseback (2001)

Aspen Lodge at Estes Park

The glorious colors of turning aspen trees in autumn are not to be missed -- but the traffic caused by other nature lovers pouring up I-70 is a must to avoid. The solution? A horse, of course. The Aspen Lodge Resort in Estes Park organizes fall aspen-viewing rides, pairing riders with trusty steeds appropriate for their experience; once suitably mounted, your group can trot along trails that meander through the blazing groves. Not only do you get to appreciate nature's colorful display, but you get to do it from a cowboy's colorful perch. The year-round working ranch/resort also offers fishing, swimming and other activities, but for a real look at the great outdoors, this mobile aspen viewing presents a golden opportunity.


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