Best Map to Take on a Plane Out of DIA (2002)

Spin Maps

So you begged for a window seat, but now you're just staring aimlessly down on windswept plains, unknown deserts or the canyons below. What could possibly make your long flight more interesting? A little help from the Durango-based Spin Map company, which manufactures passenger flight maps for journeys stretching between Denver and several major cities, including L.A., Las Vegas, Dallas, San Francisco, Phoenix and Chicago. The maps, which are available at many local bookstores, are laminated and "spinable," so no matter which side of the plane you're seated on, your handy map will provide a detailed geographic tour of the topography unfolding below. Now buckle your seat belt, grab your Spin Map, and get ready to learn geography from way up high. Happy landings.


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