Best Politician (2002)

Senator Ed Perlmutter

When the boundaries of Colorado's new 7th Congressional district were announced, many people dubbed it the "Perlmutter district," assuming that state senator and popular Jefferson County Democrat Ed Perlmutter would leap at the chance to run for U.S. Congress. But those people didn't know Perlmutter's ten-year-old daughter, Zoe. When the legislator consulted his family about running for the seat, Zoe voted no, saying politics made her father "grumpy." That was all it took: Perlmutter won't be running. Nevertheless, as state Senate president, Perlmutter has made a heroic effort to get the legislature to pass laws that will guide growth in Colorado. And while those efforts weren't successful, Perlmutter has emerged as one of the most passionate advocates for Colorado's future. He may not be on his way to Washington, but we hope he'll play a role in Colorado's politics for years to come.

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