Best Start for a New Neighborhood (2002)

Riverfront Park and the Millennium Bridge

Just a few years ago, the Platte River Valley behind LoDo was a nearly empty space. But the Sixteenth Street Mall was recently extended right to the edge of that area, and with it came lots of development. Three of the most handsome of the new buildings, Park Place, Promenade Lofts and the high-rise Riverfront Tower, were built by East West Partners; all are distinctly different yet stylistically compatible residential buildings. Hopefully, the stylish designs, by the Urban Design Group, will set the tone for future development in the Riverfront Park neighborhood. Connecting these buildings to the western terminus of the 16th Street Mall is the nearly completed Millennium Bridge, by Steve Chucovich; the pedestrian suspension bridge is held up by a single pole canted at a jaunty diagonal. Add to this the recently built Commons Park, and the residents of the South Platte Valley have the beginnings of a neighborhood to be proud of.

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