Best View of Denver Traffic (2002)

Keep your eyes on the road! Scott Yates does, and the result is MyTrafficNews, an amusing, informative, highly opinionated Web site. "Our corporate philosophy is that the world could use a little less of the corporate mindset," reads the site's fine print. "Traffic is a drag, and we just want to do what we can to help, starting with trying to treat readers like human beings." A good example of that treatment: Readers can get personalized afternoon e-mails that predict problems on their commute home that day. Sponsored by RTD with an assist from 9News (and its helicopter), MyTrafficNews dispenses current traffic and construction information with a humorous twist: "Unless a volcano erupts underneath the Mousetrap," read one posting on March 11, "we're figuring today will be a better drive home than it was Friday."

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