Best Place to Dress Like (or in) an '80s Rock Star (2002)

Five & Dime

For almost ten years, Lynn Pastore has been selling retro clothing out of her 13th Avenue storefront, but her latest line is a stretch -- sometimes literally. The Five & Dime's suddenly doing a booming business in old rock-and-roll T-shirts, the forerunners of all those souvenirs that would soon become a mandatory part of the concert experience. Although Pastore puts the best ones on her Web site,, the store always has a good selection of merchandise from the great and near-great of the arena-rock era. Pastore's catalogue is as big as a Styx fan's hair, and if you are one of those who said yes to Yes, you're sure to find some threads here to keep your band's memory alive and kicking out the jams.


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