Best Place to Go If Your Daddy Took Your T-Bird Away (2002)

Oldies But Goodies

Oldies But Goodies should be the first stop for any classic-car aficionado. Despite its small lot, this South Broadway dealership has an impressive collection of vintage automobiles, ranging from those without engines to those that have been lovingly restored to their previous grandeur. From the 1949 Buick Super to the 1984 Ford Thunderbird, this place has something for everyone. There's the 1964 Mercury Montclair with rear windows that roll up and down; the 1965 lavender-colored Chevy SS, complete with fuzzy dice dangling from the rearview mirror; the 1957 Lincoln Premier with red-and-white leather seats that bring back soda-shop memories; and the 1977 Ford Maverick in that shade of olive green that didn't last beyond the decade. But the real honey, on one particular visit, was the cherry-red 1950 Ford convertible with whitewall tires and pristine red-and-black leather seats. Ladies and gents, start your engines.


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