Best Place to Save the Earth With Arts and Crafts (2002)

Creative Exchange

Much to the delight of teachers, scout leaders, artists and community groups throughout the metro area, Creative Exchange has found a new home at Buckingham Square. This nonprofit agency is dedicated to redirecting items discarded by area businesses into the hands of crafters, especially youngsters, and out of the landfill. Creative Exchange has provided materials and willing helpers to create items for the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Capitol Hill People's Fair and other civic events, and regularly hosts school field trips, birthday parties and creative classes and workshops. Earth Week is almost like Christmas here. Educators and community groups can join the Exchange, and the rest of us can always throw a party, volunteer or shop on special days. Don't miss the enormous bins of, well, odd stuff that can put the perfect finishing touch on a project or start you thinking about a whole new one. Call or visit the Web site ( for details on how to donate.


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