Best Gay Bar for Straight Men (2003)


Contrary to popular belief, straight men love to be ogled by gay men. But going from "God's gift to women" to "God's gift to all mankind" can be difficult, even for the most cocksure heterosexual. Most of the gay clubs make the mistake of blasting their diva ballads so loud that an honest man can't tell if he's being sexually objectified or given the evil eye for some fashion faux pas. However, the laid-back country-Western atmosphere at Charlie's acts as a soothing balm to the inner skittishness of straight men. It brings back memories of the campfire, the horseplay, the too-small tent with the too-thin sleeping bags that maybe would be warmer if zipped together. It's a comfortable reminder that all men alike base their lifelong decisions (and actions!) on the attention they receive from other men. Or maybe it's just the cheap nightly drink specials.

Location Details

900 E. Colfax Ave.
Denver CO 80218


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